Photography PoIicy

Client and event guests are welcome to take photos and video for personal use. Photography and videography sessions may NOT interrupt Aquarium enjoyment for other guests.

Photos and video may NOT compromise animal welfare. NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY is allowed in:


Smoking Policy

LLPA is a non-smoking facility.


Theft and Damages

Client agrees to be responsible for any damages or theft to the premises, its furniture, fixtures, equipment and table accessories by guest, invitees or employees of other agents utilized by the Client. Client shall indemnify and hold harmless LLPA and its assigns, from and against any and all claims, suits, damages liabilities, judgments, actions including all attorneys' fees to defend such actions, for bodily injury, illness, and/or property damage arising from actions and omission of or by LLPA and its assigns, Client or its attendees, guests, agents, employees or invitees.



Clients are responsible for the distribution, set-up and collection of all materials and decorations provided by the Client.All decoration need to be pre-approved by LLPA.Note that sand, birdseed, glitter, rice, and confetti may not be used.Open flames are not allowed.No tape, nails, pins, gums, or the like may be directly applied to or onto inside or outside walls, ceilings, windows, and door glass or frames, and beams.


Labor Charges

Client agrees to begin the event promptly at the scheduled time and agrees to vacate at the hour indicated above.Client further agrees to reimburse LLPA for personnel costs and other expenses incurred as a result of Client's failure to comply.


Advertising Policy

Any printed materials or advertising referring to the use of LLPA or its premises with respect to the event must receive prior written approval from LLPA.


Storage and Approval of Materials

Client agrees that LLPA will not accept and store shipments of any materials prior to the time said materials are required for the event. All shipments must receive prior delivery approval from LLPA. All items and materials used in presentations or in decorating must receive prior approval from LLPA. All items with prior approval to be left on LLPA’s premises must be removed 48 hours after the event. LLPA will assume no financial responsibility for any damages or theft of equipment, decorations or personal properties.


Outside Vendor Policies

The term client refers to the individuals renting the facility. The term outside vendor refers to cake providers, DJs, bands, photographers, decorators, florist rental companies, or any person that provides a service for the contracted client that are not part of LLPA or its exclusive caterer.

  1. Outside vendors are required to vacate the facility by 12:00 a.m. The facility may be open (1) hour prior to the event and (1) hour after the conclusion of the event. Deliveries and pickups not made within these designated times will result in additional fees to the client. Deliveries and pickups must be arranged with the event consultant. It is the Client's responsibility to communicate this information to all of their vendors.
  2. All outside vendors must supply their own transportation, moving equipment (i.e. two wheelers etc), extension cords and any other equipment needed.
  3. Unless arrangements are made prior to the event all equipment must be removed from the premises at the event conclusion.
  4. LLPA is not responsible for any vendor equipment left on the premises. Clients should make arrangements in advance as to who will collect outside vendor properties or any other properties.
  5. DJ's and Bands must not place speakers directly on the floor or against the wall. Sound will be monitored by the LLPA supervisor. LLPA reserves the right to dictate sound levels.
  6. Client further agrees to reimburse LLPA for personnel costs and other expenses incurred as a result of Client's failure to comply.


Deposits and Payments

A booking is not considered definite or confirmed until the appropriate deposit has been received and a signed contract has been returned. The deposit reserves the Client's event date. Payments shall be made according to the schedule outlined above. All payments are non-refundable. Corporate events for which credit has been approved a minimum of 30 days prior to the event may be billed according to the attached policies. In such cases, the remaining balance is due 30 days from date of invoice. A finance charge of up to 1.5% per month, an annual rate of 18%, may be assessed on all past due accounts


Food and Beverage

All food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages must be prepared, supplied and served by Icon Culinary with the exception of specialty cakes which must be obtained from a licensed and insured bakery, at a $1.50 per guest fee. Neither the Client nor his/her guests may bring to or remove from premise any food or beverages. Due to health department regulations, food and beverage not consumed become the property of Icon CulinaryThe menu prices quoted and listed in the catering menus are subject to change without notice. Food, beverage, rental items and surcharge prices are not guaranteed more than 60 days prior to the date of event. Depending on group size, your menu selection may be limited. Icon Culinary shall have the right to substitute product based on quality or availability.Icon CulinaryIcon Culinary


Food and Beverage Minimums

Catered functions are based on food and beverage minimums. If the Client fails to meet the food and beverage minimum designated for the room or rooms that have been booked, an additional food and beverage charge will be applied to the Client's final invoice. The additional food and beverage charge will be the difference between the food and beverage minimum and the total food and beverage charges exclusive of tax and surcharge.


Cancellation Policy

Client may cancel this contract at any time by providing written notice to Icon CulinaryClient agrees that if Client cancels this contract for any reason, all deposits other than a damage deposit shall be treated as a termination fee and become the property of Icon CulinaryThe termination fee covers Icon Culinary's administrative costs and other business losses, which result from Client's failure to fulfill the terms of this Contract. Client hereby agrees and acknowledges that any amount retained by Icon Culinary following Client's cancellation of this contract is reasonable and Client accepts this amount as the termination fee.I


Rights of Termination for Cause

Except as otherwise provided in the Contract, neither party shall have the right to terminate their obligations under this Contract. This Contract is, however, subject to termination without liability to the terminating party under any of the following conditions:

The parties' performance under this Contract is subject to an act of God, war, government regulation, terrorism, disaster or civil disorder, making it inadvisable, illegal or which materially affects a party's ability to perform its obligations under the Contract. Either party may terminate the Contract for any one or more such reasons upon written notice to the other party within 3 days of such occurrence or receipt of notice of any of the above occurrences.


Attendees and Guarantee

Client's agreement to hold function(s) set out above is a material consideration for which Icon Culinary enters into this agreement. Minimum guarantee includes food, hosted beverages and hosted bar items only unless otherwise specifically indicated, and is pre-tax and pre-surcharge. It shall be the Client's responsibility to notify Icon Culinary of the final number of attendees no later than 6 weekday business days prior to the date of your event. The Client's final Guest count is considered a guarantee not subject to reductions. The Client's final billing will be based on this guarantee or the actual number of guests served, whichever is greater.Icon Culinary


Tax, Surcharge and Exemptions

All food, non-alcoholic beverages, liquor, beer, wine, subcontracted rentals and catering related services are subject to an appropriate sales tax. The Utah State Tax Commission requires Icon Culinary to request a "Certificate of Exemption" (TC-721) from the above named Client if they qualify for tax exemption. Documentation for tax exempt status must be returned with signed contract. If proof of exemption is not provided with your signed contract, Icon Culinary will charge applicable taxes.

All food, non-alcoholic beverages, liquor, beer, wine, services and subcontracted rentals or services are subject to a 19% surcharge. The entire surcharge is the property of Icon Culinary. The surcharge is not the property of any one employee and will be dispersed at the discretion of Icon Culinary.Icon Culinary



Icon Culinary at LLPA reserves the right to require security arrangements for any function or event. Applicable charges will be the responsibility of the Client.


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